American Apparel Ethical Discounted Gift Cards

American Apparel is at the forefront of ethical manufacturing in the textile industry
in the United States, coining the term sweatshop-free back in 2002.

Promoting fair pay and sustainability, they offer their workers more than just a job,
they offer careers, comprehensive health care and promotion from within.

All American Apparel products are designed and manufactured in house which gives
them a unique appeal in today’s fashion market. With their commitment to
sustainability they can still produce competitively priced garments for the US and
worldwide market.

The ethically minded consumer can now shop online and secure great deals using
discounted American Apparel Gift Cards that offer discounts of 27%. On top of that,
on-line sales at American Apparel are as much as half price.

So it’s time to grab some ethical discounts on your American Apparel.

Type Egift
Discount up to 27.5%
Vendor Raise
Delivery Free